The Project for Indigenous Self-Determination (Project ISD) was founded in 2010 and is an organization that is committed to the right of self-determination for all Indigenous peoples worldwide. Project ISD believes the path to meanigful self-determination for Indigenous peoples takes many different forms, but that Indigenous peoples are constantly finding new and innovative solutions to the various problems they face and, in the process, are finding better and better ways to exercise self-determination. Thus, one primary objective of Project ISD is to document what is working for Indigenous peoples and to share that information across the globe.

The Project for Indigenous Self-Determination also believes that while Indigenous peoples must be proactive in exercising their rights, that much can still be done to convince governments (and the rest of the world) that Indigenous self-determination should be promoted (and not suppressed). As such, Project ISD is also dedicated to producing valuable research for the purpose of promoting Indigenous self-determination among all audiences.