• Consulta Indígena (Spanish)
    Summary: This site is a product of Project ISD that was created to house pragmatic tools related to indigenous consultation under international law. All of the resources found on this site are of available for free. That said, Project ISD is available to assist in understanding how best to use the resources and welcomes any suggestions for the development of new resources.
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    Summary: This site posts information about important news related to indigenous peoples living in Chile, as well as other events relevant to indigenous peoples living throughout South America. The purpose of this website is to raise awareness and understanding throughout the world about indigenous communities living in South America.
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  • Proyecto de Libre Determinación en Educación (Spanish)
    Summary: Project ISD, in collaboration with la Fundación Equitas, announces the launch of Proyecto de Libre Determinación en Educación: Avanzando hacia una efectiva libre determinación . The goal of the project is to promote the exercise of indigenous rights with respect to self-determination in the area of education by maintaining a database of educational experiences carried out by indigenous communities and organizations.
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