Presentations (with Audio)

  • Indigenous Persistence in the US: The Reservation System (Spanish)
    Presented during: The Seminar: Persistence and Continuity of Indigenous Peoples
    Organized by: Instituto Profesional de Chile and el Centro de Estudios e Investigación "Iñche"
    Location: Santiago, Chile
    Date: August 3, 2011
    Summary: This presentation offers a look at the reservation systems at work in the United States and how they can provide spaces for self-determination as well as possibilities for economic and cultural development.
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  • Indigenous Self-Determination in Practice: Conceptualizing Indigenous Self-Determination and Identifying Implementation Strategies (Spanish)
    Presented during: International Seminar: Equality, Interculturality and Decolonization: Challenges for All Citizens of Chile Today
    Organized by: Observatorio Ciudadano
    Location: Santiago, Chile
    Date: November 29-30, 2011
    Summary: The presentation provides a conceptual framework to analyze self-determination. The framework states that self-determination exists on a scale and exists in different thematic areas. The presentation explores these properties of self-determination and also analyzes how indigenous self-determination in Chile operates presently.
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