Guide for Indigenous Consultation Under ILO Convention 169 (Aymara, Mapuzungun, Spanish)

Type: Pragmatic Tool
Date: 2012
Summary: The purpose of this guide is to help indigenous individuals and leaders, public officials, NGOs and other relevant actors in the promotion of indigenous rights to understand better the right to consultation established by ILO Convention 169.
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The purpose of this guide (available in Aymara, Spanish, and Mapuzungun) is to help indigenous leaders and individuals, public policy-makers, NGOs and others who promote indigenous rights to understand better how the right to consultation operates under ILO Convention 169. This guide is not a traditional book about Convention 169, but rather is a tool to be used when trying to respond to a very specific and important question:

Under what circumstances is consultation necessary?

With that question in mind, this guide presents the user a series of questions that can be used to help determine whether a specific State project or State proposal requires consultation or not. This guide does not spend much time looking at the requirements for the consultation process, but rather at whether consultation is necessary. Having said that, this guide does provide the user with a list of useful resources on the topic of what is required for a consultation to meet the standards of international law.